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7 Top Things to Do While in Taghazout

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

A lone surfer cradles his board as he walks the beach at dusk

The surf beaches of Sourthern Morocco have been considered some of the best the world has to offer for decades. Seemingly endless expanses of golden sand coasts, never-ending sunshine, affordable lifestyle and famous point-breaks have made Morocco an essential destination for those in search of the perfect wave.

One of the most sought after destinations along the Moroccan coast is the surf village of #Taghazout, famed for its passionate surfing culture and barreling right-hand point breaks. Here is the list of our essential things to do and places to see during your visit to Taghazout:

1. The Surf (duh!)

A surfer kicking up water as he runs into the waves with his board under his arm

Taghazout is famous for a reason. Situated in the center of Moroccan surf nirvana, you are surrounded by 20 world-class surf spots. Whether you’re an experienced surfer looking to carve the long curling right-handers at Anchor point, or a beginner catching the beach breaks of Crocs or Diables, there is a wave for everyone in Taghazout.

2. Sunrise and Sunset Yoga on the Ocean View Terrace

Two women practicing yoga face the calm sea on a sunny terrace

After a long day enjoying the surf, you can ease your sore and tired muscles with a relaxing yoga session on the terrace overlooking the beautiful Moroccan coast. The flexibility, balance and breath control learned from yoga are essential tools for improving your surfing skill as well!

3. Swimming and Cliff Jumping in Paradise Valley

40 minutes outside of Taghazout in the Moroccan High Atlas mountains is Paradise Valley, an oasis filled with waterfalls carrying clear water through a stunning red rock canyon. Paradise Valley is famous for its cliff diving, with jumps that range from comfortable to crazy, and for its waters which are said to possess healing properties.

4. Go Sandboarding

A man and women preparing to slide down a large sand dune on a surf board

When you want to give your salt drenched skin a break and try something truely different, you can get in the van and head south to Imsouane and hit the Moroccan sand slopes. This is an absolute must try for any snowboarders who make their way from the summit to the surf.

5. Hit the Skatepark

Painted blue waves cover the concrete walls of a skatepark overlooking the sea

Opened in 2018, the Taghazout Skatepark is an international standard community skatepark overlooking the Atlantic coast. No board, no problem! Board rentals are available onsite along with freshly made tajine. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this park is great for all levels!

6. Explore the buzzing Agadir Market

Two men carefully choose vegetables at a stand in a crowded market

A trip to Taghazout is not complete without a visit to its nearest major city, #Agadir. Take a trip to Souk Al Ahad, Agadir’s massive outdoor market, and get a true feel for Moroccan life, visit Agadir Medina for a taste of history or make your way to Plage d’Agadir, the nearly 10 km stretch of beach and home of Agadir’s bustling nightlife.

7. Eat Amazing Local Food

A Moroccan tajine rests next to a traditional pot of mint tea

Last, and of course not least, is the food. Take a walk down the Taghazout strip and follow your nose into one of the great local restaurants serving up the Moroccan specialities, tagine and couscous. After a nice meal make your way to the beach and find a café for a glass of Moroccan mint tea and watch the sunset.

Come discover all of this and much more on your Taghazout Beach Holiday

at Surf Coast Morocco! Surf lessons, yoga classes, moroccan local cuisine and day trips all included in our surf and yoga package. Get more information here!

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